Pedro wanted to finish it himself; but he gets the W with only 99 pitches; and Kim gets the save.

Sox pick up Todd Jones; I’m not exactly sure why. Granted; it costs them next to nothing…

Due to the rainout yesterday; the Sox won’t be facing rookie lefty Claussen on Saturday. So now it will be Wells vs. Lowe, Clemens vs. Mendoza (ugh), Burkett vs. Pettite, and the marquee matchup; Mussina vs. Pedro. Should be a fun weekend.

In the ‘this is why the All Star Game is a Joke’ department; Japan made Matsui the #2 starting outfielder due to the internet voting. Bah.

A Walk-Off WHAT?

Remember a couple years ago when the annoying phrase ‘walk off’ became the phrase of the moment? I remember an article poking fun at the saying; coming up with all sorts of wierd ‘walk-off’ scenerios.

I’d be willing to bet he/she didn’t come up with what happened last night.

When I went to bed; I thought they gave the error to Nomar. When I read the boxscore this morning, they must have changed it to Lyon. That was just a strange, strange play.

I didn’t even see most of the game. I had it on the radio while I was at the Rock Cats game; I got home and turned the TV on in the top of the 10th. I’m sure some today will complain of using Kim for only 2 innings, and I see their point. However; I also think that if he is going to come out of the pen a lot, there is no need to continue using him like a starter.

Double-edged sword with the Yankees and Blue Jays losing…on one hand; it makes the loss less damaging…but on the other; the opportunity to gain a game goes over the boards.