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Word is that Kim will become the closer; possibly as of today…and that Mendoza will be in the rotation when he gets back. I really hope that is a temporary band-aid before making some kind of deal… 6/28/03

The Sox bullpen has pitched 13 1/3 innings without yielding an earned run after Brandon Lyon (two innings), Mike Timlin (one) and Chad Fox (one) preserved the 7-1 lead for Mendoza. Some players were saying privately that if there is a trade in the works, maybe it should be reconsidered. The chemistry is too good. CAFARDO
I don’t know if I’d go THAT far, fellas. While the only run Mendoza gave up was the homer to Wells in the first, he did look a little shaky the innings I saw. He must have settled down after I stopped watching, so that’s good. Anyway, on to Detroit.

Will the real Ramiro Mendoza please…
Oh, there you are! We’d missed you for a few weeks, nice to have you back.

I doubt I’ll even post tomorrow about this game I’m watching…except maybe about the fact that I think Mendoza should get the Appier treatment. 7/30/03

Since going into the Red Sox rotation July 5, Ramiro Mendoza has made five starts. The first two were good, the third was so-so and the last two have been doo-doo.

Mendoza probably would have agreed with that had he hung around instead of bolting after his horrible performance Wednesday night in a 9-2 loss to the Rangers at The Ballpark.

Team official Glenn Geffner checked the players’ lounge and all the other hiding places in the clubhouse. There was no sign of Mendoza.

“He’s long gone,” Geffner said. HEUSCHKEL

‘Nuf ced?

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