Good times all around

I know one should expect the edge with the league’s best offense facing the league’s worst pitching…but that was ridiculous. Texas’ starter actually pitched pretty well, coming right at Manny and striking him out twice. But the story of the game is obviously Bill Mueller, who made history last night by hitting two grand slams, one from each side of the plate. Trot and Nomar also added a home run each, and David Ortiz had a couple more clutch hits when the game was actually still close.

In between Mueller’s grand slams, Theo hit one of his own by acquiring Scott Williamson without giving up anybody on the big club. There are some interesting scenarios to play out here….does he get added to the pen, making it arguably the best in the AL? Does he replace Kim as the closer, allowing BK to move back into the rotation? Maybe they will need to wait a couple days before deciding:

“We did not use all of our resources for this trade. That’s what I like about this deal, it leaves the door open for making another trade.”

The Yankees also made a trade, one that surprised me at least. Mondesi went to the Diamondbacks for a scrub outfielder and 2 minor league pitchers. What is amazing to me is the circumstances of the past few days that did NOT get into the NY papers (at least what I saw). Mondesi apparantly showered and left Fenway Sunday night when he was pinch hit for, and left the park before the game was over. He also did not fly with the team to Anaheim.

Can you imagine if this happened with a Boston player? Not only would it have been in Monday’s papers, it would have had 17 columns written about it and would have been the hot topic on Sunday night sports talk shows. Yet in this case, it wasn’t reported until after the fact. (I could be wrong here, but I read a bunch of NY papers Monday and yesterday and saw no mention of this.)

What this also tells us is that the Yankees really believe in locker room chemistry. Because when you look at it from a player standpoint, this trade probably doesn’t help the Yankees; it might actually hurt them (although I’m sure between now and tomorrow they will have figured out how to pry Vlad from the Expos).

But the bottom line is that so far, the Sox have outmaneuvered the Yanks when it comes to in season moves. By a long shot. That doesn’t guarantee that it will work to put them over the top…but at least so far, they have put themselves in a good position to do so.

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