A quick prediction and other stuff

Not really much to offer after an off day. Everyplace else has done to death Georgie-Porgie’s need to issue a ‘statement’ yesterday. Cry after tying one series, say ‘no big deal’ after losing one. Whatever…

Fossum was sent down yesterday to prepare to start the Opening Day makeup next Friday. Or, some might surmise that he was sent down to start to showcase him. I tend to think it is the former. Besides, the Sox have been carrying 12 pitchers all year…it can’t hurt to add a guy to the bench. In this case it is utility man Lou Collier, who can play OF and SS. Hitting .293 with 12 HR and 61 RBI in AAA.

Millar has another column on MLB.com. He heart Nomar and Nomar heart him:

He told me something pretty neat. He said, “when I’m at the All-Star Game, if I wear my pants up, that means I’m thinking about you”. Sure enough, at the All-Star Game, I didn’t think he’d wear them up and he did.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’m guessing a 4-2 mini road trip here…2 of 3 in both places will be nice. Although a sweep in Baltimore would be even nicer, as I’ll be there for all 3.

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