A nice start..

As I lay my head on my pillow last night, content as can be, I was trying to remember the last time the Sox won a post All Star series from the Yanks. I was thinking it was probably the sweep in September of 99 that included the Pedro 17K masterpiece. Luckily for me, somebody at the Courant was thinking the same thing I was.

The last time the Red Sox won a second-half series from the Yankees was September 1999. Going into Sunday, the teams had played 20 second-half games since the 2000 All-Star break and the Yankees had won 16.

For some reason, even going into the 7th inning, I did not have the ‘here we go again’ sense that usually comes when the Sox play the Yankees and it is close in the late innings. And ironically, in the game chat, I posted that Hammond hadn’t been as bad for the Yankees as I thought he would have been when the season began. So you can all thank me for the jinx.

Yet the New York press is undaunted. 2 of 3 isn’t enough to declare an end to the race, for sure…but a little credit would be nice.

Nobody truly believes the Red Sox made any kind of permanent dent into this AL East race this weekend, even if they did win two of the three thrilling games that will leave New England hoarse for the rest of the week.

The Yankees certainly don’t believe that. And shouldn’t. VACCARO

I still believe the most important stretch of the season is mid August to early September with 17 games vs. the A’s, M’s, and Yanks. But a 7-4 homestand and a couple big wins against the division leader can be considered a good sign, no?

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