How many of you…

…were thinking this in the bottom of the 9th?:

“OK. so Mueller goes to 2nd, Ortiz goes to 1st, and who goes to third? Millar? Or does Millar go to 2nd? Can Kapler play any infield? Ah, hell with it. Ortiz needs to just win it right here!”

Two thrilling games in a row. I’ll bet tonight is 15-13. Here’s a fact that I was not aware of:

Going into Saturday, the Red Sox and Yankees had played 22 games that were decided by one run since the start of the 2000 season. The Yankees had won 15, including 13 of the last 17. HEUSCHKEL

While I was initially aghast at Nomar’s bunt attempt (although not nearly as much as Tim McCarver), in retrospect, it wasn’t a terrible idea. Especially when he noticed that the Yanks didn’t change infield position after he squared the first time. Had he gotten down a good one, it would have been a bunt hit.

Met fans gave a collective ‘I told you so’ yesterday afternoon. Check out the NY back pages:

Poor guy. A couple more of these and he will be strung up down there.

ESPN tonight, Lowe vs. Weaver. Here’s hoping we see the Weaver ‘almost crying’ face…

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