Will the real Ramiro Mendoza please…

Oh, there you are! We’d missed you for a few weeks, nice to have you back.

Actually, if you want to get technical, from the game I saw, the Sox won 6-3. When I finally sat in my seat it was 11-2, and when I left, it was 14-8. What a nightmare I had getting to the game today.

My plan was to park at Riverside, take the T to Charles St. to get my tickets, and then the T back to the park. Here’s a mini-diary of what actually happened.

11:30 Arrive at Riverside station exit, find a long line of cars to get to the station.

11:45 After barely moving in line, and seeing many cars turn around, I figure there is a problem. So when I get to the higway entrance, I head back towards Boston.

11:55 Get off Exit 18 and in line to go down Storrow drive. Finally get to Storrow Drive, and the Kenmore Square exit is backed up farther than I’ve ever seen it. So I decide to drive to Charles St. to get the tickets instead of parking and taking a quick train in.

12:05 Miss the turn for Charles St, go down Cambridge Ave and turn around. Miss the turn AGAIN and end up in Cambridge. Turn around again and get to Charles St. Miss the apartment, have to circle around and back down Cambridge to go to Charles and get the tickets.

12:30 Have the tickets, decide at this point I might as well get as near to the park as I can, so I head towards it.

12:55 While waiting to take a left onto Boylston, I tell my nephew “We’ll probably miss the first inning. We’re OK, though.”

01:15 First parking lot I use is full (I kind of expected that), Plan B is to circle around and park in the Staples garage. Must go extra distance, as last time I did this I got pulled over for making an illegal left.

01:40 Finally get to the Staples garage, there is a sign that says “No Ballgame Parking Today”. I’m ready to kill at this point.

01:50 Back onto Boylston going the other way, somebody gets out of a spot on the street. Car in front of me gets said spot.

02:10 Almost back at the intersection of Mass Ave, somebody pulls out of a spot on the street. I get the spot somehow. I only have $1.75 in quarters for the meter, so it will be running out around 4:00. At this point, they could give me a $100 ticket, and I wouldn’t care.

02:25 Finally settle into our seat, moments after Tampa Bay has hit a grand slam to go up 11-2.

03:50 After pulling to within 3, the Sox proceed to give up runs in the 9th. We decide to beat the traffic (I RARELY leave before a game is over).

Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

At least it was somewhat entertaining…we got to see Trot’s bomb, Nomar’s (which was CRUSHED. It hit high on the Sports Authority sign, that sucker was going over Lansdowne..possibly to the pike), and Walker put them within 3. Long day, though…at least the Yankees lost, so the Sox loss doesn’t hurt as much.

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