More Offense

Well, in what for a brief moment looked like a potential heartwrencher, the Sox won running away. For those that weren’t watching:

Sox were up 3-2, with 2 out. Trot stood on 2nd, and Giambi hit a wall ball. Trot didn’t exactly run full speed, but at the same time, Giambi was trying to stretch it into a double. The DRays outfielder noticed this, and threw to 2nd. Giambi was out, and Trot hadn’t crossed the plate yet. So no run. Then, in the next inning, the Drays hit 2 solo homers to take the lead 5-3. Luckily (more on that later), the Sox scored 7 runs, including a Trot grand slam that completely redeemed his baserunning.

Think Pinella is getting frustrated?:

“They have [Jason] Varitek and [Kevin] Millar sitting on the bench tonight, for God’s sake,” Piniella said. “They could have switched uniforms and played for us. They got a good ballclub. … They did a nice job here. They got three left-handed relievers. What is it they need? You know? What is it they need?” HEUSCHKEL

So those who listen on the radio might have heard of the Lincoln Park progressive jackpot promotion. In case you haven’t:

Each game, one lucky contestant will have the chance to win cash if the Red Sox score seven runs in the seventh inning. The jackpot starts at $1,000 and if the Sox don’t score seven, it grows by $77 per game.

$1000 + ($77 * 100) = $8700 for some lucky fan tonight. They should get Trot a 99 gift certificate.

Since I’m doing the post right after the game with no game story links, let me send you to a couple interesting reads. Aaron has a great article on two probable hall of famers and their incredible parallel paths (it is the post from 7/23, after the rookie story). Stephen has a great piece on Nomar that makes you feel better after reading the crap put out by a certain paid columnist at the Globe yesterday. Gregg just drove cross country, stopping at ballparks across the country. Another great read. And Tim discusses possible acquisitions before the trade deadline.

I don’t just have those links over there for ha-ha’s, people, I like to read them, and the links are there because I figure that you might also.

Part 3 of the Courant’s interview with Sox owners deals with the team itself. A snippet regarding trades:

Henry: If this team had gotten halfway decent pitching in the first half of the season, which we are now getting, by the way … I think that we have sufficient offense. We are looking at adding another solid starter, maybe another flame-thrower for the bullpen. (The comment was made before the Brandon Lyon trade.) I think there are going to be some people out there, but because of the financial situation in baseball, a lot of the deals will actually take place in August. If for some reason we don’t do something by July 31, don’t for a minute think that we’re not going to get a deal done.

So I’m headed up to Fenway for the game today. Day game vs. the DRays with Mendoza pitching. Ugh. Well, my young nephew should have a good time. If you feel like it, you can send me a text message. for me as I watch the game.

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