Nice homestand

Should have been an undefeated homestand; but in retrospect..and separating a little from the feelings of last night…a 6-1 homestand is pretty friggin good.

Maybe the “can’t miss” aspect of Kapler is finally coming through? I’m sure he’s overachieving..but I think he’s at least earned the right to start vs. every lefty until he drops off…

First game this season without Manny and they STILL score 11 runs..this offense is pretty good, eh? Now if only the pitching would come together.

Off day tomorrow; on to a VERY big road trip vs. TB, NY, TOR, and DET. .500 ball on this trip is NOT acceptable; it is about time that the Sox show some mettle vs. the big boys. Should be no less than 4-2 vs. TB/DET..and would like to see winning records vs. the true competition. IMO, anything less than an 8 win trip bodes poorly for the local 9.

Silly me…

For going and watching a movie when it was 9-2…only to log back in for the 9th inning.

THAT is why you play hard every inning, Mr. McKeon.

Great quote from John Henry regarding Friday night’s game:

The Sox spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon apologizing to the Marlins for running up the score the night before, though owner John W. Henry loudly opposed the idea of offering tea and sympathy to anybody.

”If we’re supposed to stop trying to score,” Henry said, ”we should just put up a disclaimer on the scoreboard: `You should go home now, we’re not trying anymore.’

”You’ve got people giving up their Friday night to be at the ballpark, spending a couple of hundred bucks, and we’re supposed to stop playing? The idea is to score runs. If not, then why are we out there? We’ve got a sold-out crowd, and if we’re not trying to score runs, no matter what the score is, we’re not playing baseball.”Globe

34 runs in 2 days; and they split. That’s just awful. Only bright spot to pull out of that one is that Giambi’s (permanant?) replacement went 4-5.

Take tomorrow’s and it is still 6 out of 7; but that won’t take the sting out of this loss. Because the Yankees swept a doubleheader today; so next weekend’s series looms very large.

Word is that Kim will become the closer; possibly as of today…and that Mendoza will be in the rotation when he gets back. I really hope that is a temporary band-aid before making some kind of deal…

I’m back…

Sox go 5-2 on my road trip…and the only 2 losses were the games I got to see. And very well could have been wins. Wish I could have seen last night’s explosion.

Interesting (to me, anyway) tidbit about the Phillies…they have 2 pairs of analysts; and they alternate between TV and Radio every 3 innings…Larry Andersen and some dude with John Kruk and some dude. I thought it was interesting that the guy I heard on the radio Saturday were then doing play by play on Sunday…

Block all outgoing flights!

Keep the Tigers in town for an extended series! After letting the Tigers hang around for 7 and 1/2 innings, the Sox dropped the hammer for a 9 run bottom of the 8th. Varitek with an excellent all around game. One of his best that I can remember. Throwing out runners, making a fantastic tag at the plate, banging out hits, in addition to calling a good game! Kudos to Burkett for a quality start as well.

Pedro takes his league best day game ERA of 1.13 into today’s getaway day matinee. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some play by play going in chat for the working folk to enjoy.

This ain’t junior high

Agreed with the second comment below. As I put in a comment after yesterday’s post, things need to improve around here; the constant whining and complaining about everything (including the whining and complaining about whining and complaining..) needs to stop. Seriously.

Now I’m off to the boardwalk and to the waterpark. Maybe I’ll hit AC tonight.

Taking Care of Business

Sox doing what they have to do by beating the bottom feeders. Lowe with another dominant start. Millar continues to swing a productive bat. Nomar is white hot and continues to show his “pre-surgery” form.

I don’t quite understand the outrage over signing Kapler. He will eventually be the 25th man on the roster. He can play all 3 OF positions quite well, play 1B, is a good all around athlete, and is a career .270 hitter. He cost the sox NOTHING other than a minor league contract. BFD. Surely there are other things about this organization more worthy of the rants.

A Win is a win, is a win

A squeezed out win over the worst team in baseball counts the same in the standings as any other win. Great start by Wakefield cut short by strained back. He’s mentioned as “day to day”, so that bears watching closely. Timlin made it interesting in the ninth as he came on to get the save. I can only assume that Grady was resting Lyon.

Rumor du jour has the Sox pursuing Gabe Kapler and possibly preparing to deal Trot Nixon for pitching.

Sox surrender

For a while last night, one of the sports headlines on was “Sox Surrender”. I think that about sums it up. The team looked completely flat and lifeless. It was only a matter of time before the offense went in a slump and it seems reasonable that after watching their heroic efforts get pissed away in the late innings time and time again this season, that they would start having games like this where they appear to just “mail it in”. Symbolic of the afternoon: the sox made Myers only have to throw FOUR pitches to retire the side in the 8th inning.

In reading the local Boston media outlets, it’s nice to see Theo and Grady making excuses for each other and taking zero responsibility for the team. This week, bring on the doormats of the league so that the lemmings can still feel like the Sox are serious about contending…

This hurts

Games like this are why the Red Sox are where they are (third place) right now. Blown leads by the bullpen. Mysterious Grady Ball moves. Wasted opportunities. Wasted Pedro starts. I personally am growing sick of this feeling. Either these owners want to contend for a world championship or not. The clock is ticking.

Rained Out

Friday night’s series opener (and Mike Schmidt bobblehead day) was postponed. It will be made up on Labor Day (Sept. 1st), which was previously an off day for both teams. There are no guarantees that they’ll get today’s game in as the forecast continues to call for rain. In an interesting move, the Sox announced that Pedro will start today (Saturday), to keep him on his “program”. Kim will be moved back to Sunday.