New seats, blowouts, and other assorted thoughts…

So here’s my first glimpse of the monster seats….doesn’t look too comfortable, does it?

Nice blowout win by the Sox yesterday….Casey gets a good, confidence building start…Anybody else really glad so far that we ruined Japanese baseball relationships?…So where is everybody who jumped down the throats of the Sox pen after game 1?…Not only is Tek tearing the cover off the ball; he actually threw somebody out!…

I am astounded at how this site has picked up in less than 2 weeks. Granted; a solid contingent has migrated from; but there has also been a good number of visits and comments from outside sources. The chat room works out very well during games (if you happen to be near a computer during a game, check it out) and the message board seems to be gaining steam. I might possibly disable visitor comments on the main page and keep the interaction over there. I think I’d also like to get an additional person or two to post like this on the front page. Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Day game today…

So do I try to leave early? Or just Gamecast it at work until I can listen on the radio on the way home?

Is it sad that I even considered leaving early for a matinee against the Devil Rays??

So last night was nice and tension free, no? Some of the bullpen haters feel a little calmer? I like the Globe bit that talks about Coach Pedro (should they factor this into the new contract??) watching tape and settling down Lowe. Pen also looked better last night…and even though I knew about him on the Jays, I didn’t realize that Brandon Lyon is only 23. That could be a good thing, no?

Anyway, nothing else exciting to pass along from perusing the Globe and the Courant (whose baseball coverage I think is underrated). So I’ll leave it at that.

Except for one thing…Portland = Portland, CT! It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, but another fan from Sea Dogs territory dropped me a line yesterday asking about that bridge up there (the Arrigoni on the CT river between Portland and Middletown) and where in Maine it might be! Oh, well. Counting down until somebody thinks I’m in Oregon..


So I’m flipping channels to find something for my 2 year old to watch after supper; I see that the Simpsons is about to start. Before it does, I have to watch the very end of the news.

The sports comes on, and it is a story about Piazza serving his suspension, with action shots of the Mets.

Out of the blue, the tot shouts “Go, Red Sox!”



Already in the office today; very bleary-eyed..

This made me smile:
“But ask Grady Little if he’s mentally drained (after the first two games)..”No,” Little said. ”I’m kind of hungry. You’d be mentally drained if you lost this game.”

Haven’t read anything else yet; wonder if morons are still killing the bullpen concept. Cause the way I see it, the bullpen (save Edes’ boy Howry) was fantastic last night.

There was talk in the offseason that Tampa Bay was rushing Baldelli. Granted, it is only two games, but I’m not sure that I agree with that assessment.

Looking more and more like a Pedro deal will get done; things delayed so the owners could go to Boston with Cloninger.

Oh, well. Let’s hope for an easier one this evening, eh?

Man the bridges…

I’ve only read the paper from my doorstep as I compose this; haven’t checked any other articles or forums. So I’ll give my .02 before the day begins…

Sox forums/message boards/talk radio is going to be brutal today with the typical moronic fan. “A loss to the Devil Rays; this team is terrible! I told you the bullpen was going to suck! Fire Grady! Fire Theo!”…etc, etc.

1. I can’t fault Grady at all. Mendoza with an effective inning; coming off of illness (remember; he didn’t pitch Saturday because he was sick…). Embree a concern for sure; but I’m not ready to start cutting players based on their first performance (anybody see Maddux, Johnson, Glavine lines yesterday?)
2. I only heard the 9th on the radio; but was that a surefire DP that didn’t get excecuted? I can’t say for myself

3. Lots of guys left on base again; reminded me of last year. We’ll see if that’s a problem; I’m not ready to commit Hari-Kari just yet