Strange game

By all means, the Sox should have lost this game. Bases loaded 4 times; coudn’t do anything until the 4th time in the bottom of the 9th.

Except for the (mostly) quiet bats; a lot of good things out of this game. Lowe looked good this time, Mendoza looked good in his first inning before imploding to start his second, and Embree gets the W with one pitch. And I guess it is also good that the Sox loaded the bases so many times….

There are some who never fail to criticize the manager, win or lose. There are some who whine about the constant lineup changes. In my opinion, the manager has done an excellent job fitting 7 people into 5 slots. I’d rather keep everybody on the bench a little bit active than have anybody sit for several games in a row.

There were some that complained about this lineup as soon as it was announced. Will those same people look at the fact that with the bases loaded, the following people did nothing: Mueller, Walker, Nomar, Millar, Hilly, Varitek (the first time)? My advice to these naysayers: Lighten up. It’s working for now; don’t get your panties in a twist predicting doom and gloom because you don’t like the way Little fills out a lineup card and it is your opinion that it will EVENTUALLY come back to bite the Sox in the posterior. Many more people feel the exact opposite.

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