Good Sign…

…I think.

So the Sox finally meet up with a team that is playing well, and pretty much manhandle them. I only heard bits and pieces on the radio, and then saw the last inning when I got home.

Last night we all went to the Rock Cats game…if you have a nice minor league facility nearby, I highly recommend going to a game. Especially if you have kids you would like to bring along. For example, no way would I bring my little girl to a Sox game at her age; but last night at the Rock Cats game, she had a grand old time. Somebody gave here a ball, and she got to hobknob with Rocky the Rock Cat. Then she spent 3 innings running all over the virtually empty stands. And since it is a minor league game with $8 tickets and I don’t care THAT much about the outcome, I had no problem leaving during the 6th inning.

ESPN game tonight, for those of you not in New England…and let’s hope for no rain Saturday so I get to see Pedro.

Millar’s latest diary is up on (Thanks, Obey Pedro, I forgot to check for it) Check it out; it’s an interesting read.

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