Weird game…

Yes, Pedro got the W. Yes, he didn’t allow any earned runs. But something was just a tad off…6 walks? I didn’t sit down to watch until around the 4th or 5th inning, but I did get a couple of glimpses before that; looked to me like a tough strike zone. But then towards the end he looked a little uncomfortable and had a little trouble with location. Timlin made it interesting (can’t fault him TOO much; not like Juan Gonzales isn’t a power threat), but Fox shut the door. A couple people were discussing during the game; we didn’t see Fox throw but 1 or 2 fastballs in his whole outing. That also seemed strange. On to the morning rags…

Little says nothing serious; a stiff back from the plane ride or an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Seems the Sox new hitting coach actually helped Manny

Jackson, in his first year with the team, watched some video of Ramirez last season and this year. He noticed a mechanical flaw and worked on it with Ramirez.

“He’s ready to roll,” Jackson said. “The adjustment really helped him.”

Jackson noticed Ramirez was opening up his lower half too soon. Ramirez also adjusted his hands, bringing them closer to his body.

Also in Heuschkel’s notes; Embree threw a side session and looks nearly ready to return.

“That side session was very impressive,” Little said. “It was better than I’d seen him all spring. If he doesn’t have any setbacks, we hope to activate him when we get home.”

THIS JUST IN: Carl Everett didn’t like Boston, and won’t be coming back as a free agent.

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