Nice mojo

So on a busy Easter Sunday, I only saw bits and pieces of the game…

At house 1; we couldn’t find NESN on DirecTV; when we did, it was already 1-0 Jays. Since I was in charge of chasing around the kid; I didn’t watch more than an at bat or 2, just glanced at the score occasionally as I flew by.

En route to house 2, I put the game on the radio. When I left, it was 5-0 Jays. When I arrived at house 2, it was 5-2 Jays. Settled in to let the wife chase the kid and watch a little of the game; my father in law was so kind as to make me a nice tall G & T…and the Sox promptly tied it.

Dinner started, so I missed the end. Nice to come back and not be disappointed with the results. I did see Mendoza’s inning; he looked better. And I saw some of Timlin; he looked good as well. Hopefully, they can keep it up…

Funny aside; when Nomar came up with the score 5-3, I said to my 2 brothers-in-law (neither of which is a big basball fan) and my father-in-law (who is; unfortunately for him, it is as a Tigers fan) as I whipped out a dollar…”Bet a buck Nomar swings at the first pitch.” Nobody took me up on it; could have had 3 bucks there!

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