Some people…

…just want to piss in my cornflakes…

Sox with a nice come from behind win…helps that the Jays pen just kind of came apart, eh?

Kind of annoying, though, as in the chat during the game I had to read
-Why is Jackson still hitting? Grady sucks! (Jackson with the sac bunt to start the big inning)
-Tolar? What is this, Little league?? (Tolar with a 1-2-3 inning)
-Fox? Why not Tolar? Grady sucks! (Fox needs a little pick-me-up; 4 run lead a nice spot for it, no? Still plenty of pen for tomorrow, no?)
-Great. Belli on a roll; he’ll be out for 5 games. Grady sucks! (probably also whined about Belli at DH yesterday)

Me; I like being along for the ride so far…

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