Nice offense..

Nice to smack around a pitcher who has given you trouble in the past like the Sox did yesterday. Young Master Hillenbrand continues to tear it up, and is currently on pace for 347 RBI.

Am I the only one that has noticed that Shea never shuts his mouth? That’s why I refer to him as ‘Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel’. And I think it is great that he is tearing it up in the first week…and would love for that to continue. However, let us not forget torrid springs of years past.

And I hate to nitpick; but could somebody explain to me why you need to use 4 pitchers in a blowout like that? At least Grady seems pissed about the performance thus far; as he and Theo have some comments. Let’s hope it isn’t just empty words…

”We’ve got to show people some success and we’ve got to show it pretty soon because we’re not going to continue to repeat things that aren’t working around here,” he said. ”If something needs to change for us to be better, then there will be change.”

Asked if that could mean designating a regular closer, Little said, ”I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do, but I guarantee you one thing, Grady Little is not going to continue to do things that aren’t working.”

Nice to see Ricky Henderson’s influence still sticking around…

And for those whining about fat old Trot in the field; he made a great diving catch yesterday. Methinks reports of his balooning are a tad overblown. Now if he would only start hitting a little better. But it has only been a week; I suppose..

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