Did I already use that as a header? Well, it warrants using again.


Pedro has allowed 1 ER in 15 innings, and he is 0-0. Pathetic.

Before all the blame gets laid on Chad Fox (who definitely deserves some of it), let’s not forget that the Sox didn’t score any runs in the first 8 innings; and in the 9th, they had the bases juiced with 1 out.

My feelings:
1. Fine; rest Shea. He’s played every inning of every game. But since he and Millar are the two hot hands right now; why keep BOTH of them out of the lineup?
2. When you do PH with Millar (and Trot can just stay on the bench for a while, as far as I’m concerned), why do it when they are obviously going to walk him?
3. If you are going to walk the bases loaded; why leave Fox in there? Why not bring in someone who is more likely to throw a pitch that will induce the DP (Timlin? Mendoza?).

I just don’t get it….

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