Day game today…

So do I try to leave early? Or just Gamecast it at work until I can listen on the radio on the way home?

Is it sad that I even considered leaving early for a matinee against the Devil Rays??

So last night was nice and tension free, no? Some of the bullpen haters feel a little calmer? I like the Globe bit that talks about Coach Pedro (should they factor this into the new contract??) watching tape and settling down Lowe. Pen also looked better last night…and even though I knew about him on the Jays, I didn’t realize that Brandon Lyon is only 23. That could be a good thing, no?

Anyway, nothing else exciting to pass along from perusing the Globe and the Courant (whose baseball coverage I think is underrated). So I’ll leave it at that.

Except for one thing…Portland = Portland, CT! It isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, but another fan from Sea Dogs territory dropped me a line yesterday asking about that bridge up there (the Arrigoni on the CT river between Portland and Middletown) and where in Maine it might be! Oh, well. Counting down until somebody thinks I’m in Oregon..

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