Man the bridges…

I’ve only read the paper from my doorstep as I compose this; haven’t checked any other articles or forums. So I’ll give my .02 before the day begins…

Sox forums/message boards/talk radio is going to be brutal today with the typical moronic fan. “A loss to the Devil Rays; this team is terrible! I told you the bullpen was going to suck! Fire Grady! Fire Theo!”…etc, etc.

1. I can’t fault Grady at all. Mendoza with an effective inning; coming off of illness (remember; he didn’t pitch Saturday because he was sick…). Embree a concern for sure; but I’m not ready to start cutting players based on their first performance (anybody see Maddux, Johnson, Glavine lines yesterday?)
2. I only heard the 9th on the radio; but was that a surefire DP that didn’t get excecuted? I can’t say for myself

3. Lots of guys left on base again; reminded me of last year. We’ll see if that’s a problem; I’m not ready to commit Hari-Kari just yet

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