Strange game

By all means, the Sox should have lost this game. Bases loaded 4 times; coudn’t do anything until the 4th time in the bottom of the 9th.

Except for the (mostly) quiet bats; a lot of good things out of this game. Lowe looked good this time, Mendoza looked good in his first inning before imploding to start his second, and Embree gets the W with one pitch. And I guess it is also good that the Sox loaded the bases so many times….

There are some who never fail to criticize the manager, win or lose. There are some who whine about the constant lineup changes. In my opinion, the manager has done an excellent job fitting 7 people into 5 slots. I’d rather keep everybody on the bench a little bit active than have anybody sit for several games in a row.

There were some that complained about this lineup as soon as it was announced. Will those same people look at the fact that with the bases loaded, the following people did nothing: Mueller, Walker, Nomar, Millar, Hilly, Varitek (the first time)? My advice to these naysayers: Lighten up. It’s working for now; don’t get your panties in a twist predicting doom and gloom because you don’t like the way Little fills out a lineup card and it is your opinion that it will EVENTUALLY come back to bite the Sox in the posterior. Many more people feel the exact opposite.

Story recaps in the AM…

Good Sign…

…I think.

So the Sox finally meet up with a team that is playing well, and pretty much manhandle them. I only heard bits and pieces on the radio, and then saw the last inning when I got home.

Last night we all went to the Rock Cats game…if you have a nice minor league facility nearby, I highly recommend going to a game. Especially if you have kids you would like to bring along. For example, no way would I bring my little girl to a Sox game at her age; but last night at the Rock Cats game, she had a grand old time. Somebody gave here a ball, and she got to hobknob with Rocky the Rock Cat. Then she spent 3 innings running all over the virtually empty stands. And since it is a minor league game with $8 tickets and I don’t care THAT much about the outcome, I had no problem leaving during the 6th inning.

ESPN game tonight, for those of you not in New England…and let’s hope for no rain Saturday so I get to see Pedro.

Millar’s latest diary is up on (Thanks, Obey Pedro, I forgot to check for it) Check it out; it’s an interesting read.

So tired…

So thanks to the Sox and other circumstances, I have been up past midnight for 6 consecutive nights. For me, this is unheard of; as I am usually in bed around 10:00 or whenever the Sox game is over; whatever comes later.

Not going to bother with links about stories about players who do or do not feel like talking to the media…it’s getting tiring.

On an unrelated note, I spent an enjoyable off night last night going to a concert. Spur of the moment, a buddy of mine wanted to go see Pat McGee at the Webster Theatre in Hartford. I’m not a huge fan; I’ve got several songs downloaded that are in the rotation, but I couldn’t tell you a single title. Figured how can I go wrong for $16 to see a show…

Well, I’m glad I went. The two opening acts were much better than the headliner; so at least I got some new music out of the deal. Fivewise opened; we caught half of their set…they were good. The middle act, Virginia Coalition was alone worth the price of admission…they were energetic; a fun show..and the music was good, in my opinion. So check them out if you are so inclined.

Most of the game on the radio for me tonight; I’m taking the family to a Rock Cats game…


Well, at least he was last night. Solid, at least. Anybody else have much different expectations after the first inning? He settled down nicely, and might have even been able to go a little longer. Great step forward.

Of course, the Sox had to keep it interesting; keeping me up until 1 AM. I know that used to be early for a Friday night, but I can’t do that anymore…

…Until tonight, that is. Night game on a Saturday night? Man, that should be illegal.

Media Relations

So I didn’t even read the game recap in the Courant this morning; I skipped right to the notes. Seems things are getting ugly between the Sox and the (Boston) media. And I can’t say that I blame them. Pedro says one little offhand joke on Wednesday, and it is mockingly in Thursday’s paper. Apparantly another Boston columnist wrote an article that focused more on player political views than on baseball. (It was a paid column in The Herald, I believe…for an excellent daily recap of Boston media stories without actually having to read all the drivel, check out the Boston Sports Media site).

“I think that’s where the situation arises from – not talking about baseball,” Red Sox manager Grady Little said. “It’s as simple as that.”

I hate rain delays…

And even stupider is that I stayed up for most of it. I didn’t go to bed until after the Sox didn’t score in the 8th…I figured at that point, I’d rather go to bed before midnight and possibly wake up to a surprise rather than stay up another 20 minutes and go to bed grumbling…

Wakes has a tough time in Texas, eh? Although in my humble opinion, the home plate umpire had a tough time with the knuckler. On more than one occasion, he stood up before a pitch would drop wickedly into the strike hurt him on a couple occasions in the 6th.

Not gonna do an overview of this morning’s stories just yet; if at all. Got to do some work; and I’m friggin tired. Don’t forget; 2:05 today.

Weird game…

Yes, Pedro got the W. Yes, he didn’t allow any earned runs. But something was just a tad off…6 walks? I didn’t sit down to watch until around the 4th or 5th inning, but I did get a couple of glimpses before that; looked to me like a tough strike zone. But then towards the end he looked a little uncomfortable and had a little trouble with location. Timlin made it interesting (can’t fault him TOO much; not like Juan Gonzales isn’t a power threat), but Fox shut the door. A couple people were discussing during the game; we didn’t see Fox throw but 1 or 2 fastballs in his whole outing. That also seemed strange. On to the morning rags…

Little says nothing serious; a stiff back from the plane ride or an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Seems the Sox new hitting coach actually helped Manny

Jackson, in his first year with the team, watched some video of Ramirez last season and this year. He noticed a mechanical flaw and worked on it with Ramirez.

“He’s ready to roll,” Jackson said. “The adjustment really helped him.”

Jackson noticed Ramirez was opening up his lower half too soon. Ramirez also adjusted his hands, bringing them closer to his body.

Also in Heuschkel’s notes; Embree threw a side session and looks nearly ready to return.

“That side session was very impressive,” Little said. “It was better than I’d seen him all spring. If he doesn’t have any setbacks, we hope to activate him when we get home.”

THIS JUST IN: Carl Everett didn’t like Boston, and won’t be coming back as a free agent.

Can’t win ’em all…

…but they made it closer than anybody was thinking it would be when it was 7-0. Didn’t see or hear the game, had to follow it online…so I guess I don’t really have much to say about that. Heard that the Sox got jobbed in their one big inning; might have cost them a run. Oh, well…apparantly it wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Today’s Courant has Grady briefly addressing why people like Nomar and Manny get sat at times. And again, the reason I don’t have a problem with rotating lineups a la Jimy Williams:

“I think we realize the depth we have this year is good,” Little said. “You put a guy like Billy Mueller in there and he’s hitting doubles and triples around the field.”

There is quality up and down that bench unlike years past, and I have no problem with keeping everybody from sitting for a ton of games in a row.

Now we just have to hope the Yankees come back to earth…