Almost there…

Must be the Baseball Preview issue of the Globe; a ton of baseball articles today, but mostly fluff. Interesting bit about broadcast conflicts; being outside of the Boston DMA, I think I should be all set; virtually every game on NESN this year.

In case you’ve never been there, a very interesting place to get insight/opinion on the Sox is the Sons of Sam Horn site. In my opinion; the best thing about it are the Mike F reports (here is yesterdays); composed by a gentleman who spends all of spring training in Florida. Very detailed reports; generally a lot better than what you read in the papers. The guy is an entertaining read; and I get the impression that he knows his stuff.

Another interesting column that I stumbled upon (via a link from another site; I can’t remember which one) is actually a Yankee column. The Pinstriped Bible is a good read, and unlike most Yankee columns, seems to take an objective stance on the team. I would suggest starting at the beginning and readin

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