5+ years and another WS title later…

Funny that this site is still actually up.  Evidently I keep paying the bill so joesox and Yankeeman can chat in the comments.

Anyhow, our Italian friend will be in the US late summer 2019, and a couple of us (Fanatic and myself) are going to go to a game with him and his family on 9/4/19.  If any of you still actually look here and want to meet up, drop me a line. @tmwes on twitter, @tmwescott on insta, tmwescott@gmail.com for email.

Closing Day! And nice run, PSF.com!

Thought actually making a comment on here would be a nice bookend to the 2013 season!

What an unbelievable run. And I was lucky enough to attend a game this year; Game 2.

Game 2 Panoramic

Glad to see the faithful keeping this place chugging along!  Cue the Duck Boats!

I can slowly start liking this team again..

Words can’t describe how much I disliked Valentine, from the second he was hired. Luckily for me, I jumped off the 2012 Sox bandwagon with both feet sometime in late 2011. And absolutely nothing happened to bring me back. I haven’t had such little interest in the Red Sox since I can’t remember when. I went to one game, and I honestly watched maybe 3 games in their entirety. And I’m generally the kind of guy who watches or listens to 120+ games a year.

So let’s rebuild this bitch. The Beckett/Gonzalez trade was a nice start (and I love that the Dodgers didn’t make the playoffs), firing Valentine definitely helps. But I’m not quite jumping back on yet.

In the meantime, go Nationals!

Not dead, but WAS hacked

Someone set up a phishing site on here; trying to get it back up and running. Sorry for the week off!

By the way, I have been so disinterested in the Sox this year it isn’t funny. Maybe that’ll change as summer rolls on..

For now, chat found in the menu above. May or may not keep this one instead of trying to fix the old one. Also finally got a Facebook connect feature working; you can log into PSF.com with Facebook (although it looks like it creates a new profile)

Opening Day…and I still hate the Red Sox this year

I’m hoping watching a few actual games will shake me of my doldrums this year…but Christ, I hate these guys. Between the way ownership treated Tito on the way out, and many of the players quite unlikable, and the insufferable Bobby V…ugh.

By the way, that dipshit just signed a weekly radio deal to appear with Michael Kay on ESPN 1050 in NY. I’m sure THAT spot will never generate any kind of controversy.

On a PSF.com related note, congratulations to longtime chatter Dewey who welcomed his first child into the world yesterday; an 8 lb 2 oz daughter!

What’s in worse shape; this place or the 2012 Sox?

Having neglected things around here for a while, some hacker put up a phishing site somewhere on the domain. Trying to get that cleared up with the powers that be. But we’re still here; us and about 1,000 Russian spammers!

Anybody else not optimistic at all about the upcoming season?

Oh, and if I accidentally deleted your account when I just got rid of the 500 spam accounts, I humbly apologize.